Ephrexans, (singular: Ephrex) are a race that keep mostly to themselves. They have a strict social hierarchy that is determined at birth based on which traits an Ephrex displays. Ephrexans are the race with the broadest differences in physiology and based upon that physiology are placed in one of three different social classes based on appearance.

The first of the classes within the Ephrexans are the Snotlings. Ephrexans of this class are the shortest sapient beings on Terra, usually a few inches shorter than humans afflicted with dwarfism. As such they are unfit to join the warrior class of the Ephrexans and are usually confined to clerical jobs or jobs of slight physical labor such as shipping. They received their name from a cheap liquor that they drink that has mucus added to it in the distillation process.

Scalelings are the warrior class of the Ephrexans and are characterized by an appearance of a humanoid lizard. Their is some overlap between the appearance of these Ephrexans and the appearance of some Striders the key difference between the two is that Ephrexans are the only race with Green and Blue colored scales and their scales will always be one of these two colors. They are usually between the height of six and seven feet and the fiercest will wield two of a weapon that Terrans could only hope to hoist one of.

Featherlings are the highest social class of the Ephrexans and will take the appearance of a humanoid bird. Many different kinds of bird/human hybrids have been seen ranging from crows to owls to eagles or falcons. Ephrexans from this class will often seek a political office with many of them becoming judges, mayors or some other form of leader. The lucky few Ephrexans from this class that become generals are the most venerated of all Ephrexans within their heirarchy.

Ephrexans are a race of proud warriors and will usually seek jobs as mercenaries, soldiers or body guards. Many of them serve as the muscle for detective firms in various cities and they are lead by Thadeus Daggerbeak, a featherling with the appearance of an owl. When it comes to culture most do not enjoy the finer arts, with the exception of Featherlings who use their money and power to patron artists in the city.


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