Pavi Pizzarelli

Pavi Pizzarelli is a corpulent & charismatic Italian opera singer. His trembling arias can bring even the toughest man to tears or make the haughtiest woman his plaything.


Pavi was a famous Italian Heldentenor who worked his way up from a low station as a street urchin in Venice using his irresistible charm & fantastic talent. Scraping together enough money for lessons with Antonio Tamburini, the great master took a liking to the skinny upstart & took him on as a personal assistant.

After severl months of training, he became the understudy for Giorgio Ronconi in Pia de’ Tolomei. When Roconi died under mysterious circumstances, Pavi was catapulted into stardom. He began his whirlwind tour of Italy. He became a favorite of the wealthy & quickly acquired valuable contacts & sponsors.

However, at one of Pavi’s favorite dinner parties he was insulted & torn apart by a jilted ex-lover. Dramatically shamed by his old flame Bertha Brunhilda, he was blacklisted from Italian opera & was ultimately forced to leave the country.

Arriving in London shortly after the Coalescence, Pavi thought nothing of the more… unusual residents of the Isles. He assumed they were nothing but ordinary & treated them with equanimity despite the racist attitudes of others. Based partly on this attitude & partly on his addiction to the extravagant lifestyle he lived in Italy, Pavi soon ended up deeply embroiled in the Ephrexian organized crime syndicate.

Unable to find any work in London (or elsewhere) because of the recent glut of Cheshirian singers, Pavi now works for a private detective agency. While he insists that he’s “only-a here to researche a role,” even a casual observer can tell that he approaches his work with much passion… almost desperation.

While on the job he uses his fame, astounding interpersonal skills, & his miraculous voice to ingratiate himself with potential friends (& to intimidate enemies). This makes him one of the most effective interrogators & investigators on the Streets of Intrigue.

Pavi Pizzarelli

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