Regina Fulkstone

Cheshirean Neuro-Physio Engineer. Why do Terrans keep calling her a weird scientist? What's so weird about growing electronic devices in petri dishes and working on mind control rays?

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d6 d10 d4 d6 d4
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness
+0 6" 4 4

Weird Science d10, Stealth d6, Healing d8, Notice d6, Fighting d4, Investigation d6, Lockpicking d4

Pacifist major (From Cheshirean species package)
Curious major
Regeneration At “Death” No character re-roll, -10 exp. Cheshirean species package
Stealthy +2 to one Stealth roll per day Cheshirean species package
Arcane Background Weird Science
Advancement for Experience Earned:
Weapon Range Skill (rating) Damage Notes
Dagger 0 Fighting (d4) STR+d4
Power/Trapping Cost Range Skill (rating) Damage Notes
Stun/Cortical Overstimulator 2 12/24/48 Weird Science (d10) N/A All in Medium Burst Vigor or Shaken
Item Cost
Lockpicks $200
Normal Clothing $20
Formal Clothing $200
Umbrella $5
Police Whistle $2

Among the Cheshireans, the two most respected callings are art and science. As a neuro-physio engineer before the Coalescence, Regina Fulkstone was a master of both art and science, molding new life forms and improving existing ones. At least that’s what it says in her notebook, but Regina doesn’t really remember much about her life before the Coalescence.

From a Terran perspective, Cheshirean regenerative powers are a god like ability – barring something drastic like molecular disintegration, Cheshireans are practically immortal. Unfortunately, every regeneration comes with a price; the Cheshirean loses some of her memory. How much is lost varies each time, but there will be some loss every time. That’s why a Cheshirean scientist’s most prized possession is her lab book with her personal notes of the experiments she’s completed and the devices she’s invented.

According to Regina’s notebook, back home she was a true Puppet Master having built both a device for remotely controlling a subject’s nervous system to make them do Regina’s bidding and a marionette, an artificial self-aware organism capable of locomotion. Unfortunately, Regina cannot remember how she did these things and the primitive equipment available on Terra isn’t up to letting her repeat the experiments. This, from Regina’s perspective, is really a shame because the marionette in her drawings looks totally cute, and it is an impressive scientific achievement.

Regina was one of the first Cheshireans to cross the dimensional rift. Her memory is vague about the exact date of her first crossing, but it was well before the Coalescent War. Life among the Terran primitives was fun and exciting, even before the Ephrexans and Striders moved in. There was a lot to discover on this primitive planet and Terrans are so quaint with their little social foibles like private property and public nudity taboos. Unfortunately, the Terrans and the other races are way too violent and Regina has regenerated more often than she’d like since coming to this world. Next time, she absolutely has to remember not to stand up and shout “Why can’t we all just get along?” in the middle of a three way Ephrexan-Strider-Terran fire fight.

Regina is driven to rediscover the secrets to the neuro-physio engineering feats described in her notebook. It’s going to take a lot of work in a world that is just starting to accept the germ theory of disease and still thinks incandescent electric lights are a great achievement. While she strives towards this long term goal, she works as a freelance detective. Who would have thought Terrans would actually give you currency for poking your nose into strange mysteries you would have investigated anyways?

Regina Fulkstone

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