Cheshireans are without a doubt the most mysterious race that joined the Terrans after The Coalescence. It is not that they are particularly distrusting of other races, in fact they were the first race to let other races join their social hierarchy, The Terrans and Striders allowed others into their hierarchies with Ephrexans still somewhat distrusting of others. The reason that so little is known about the Cheshireans is that reports from them about their race is hard to believe and sometimes contradictory. They have said about themselves that they have perfected space travel, time travel, and to have an advanced understanding of physiology and medicine.

If these reports are true they have not been able to reconstruct these creations since they have arrived on Terra. What is strange is that when they first arrived on Terra the machinations of Terrans were beyond their reach, though they were actually able to help Terrans make their steam based technology more effective after a period of about thirty years after their arrival.

What is known for sure about Cheshireans is that they took their namesake after the area of England where they were first found. The arrived in a small number of about a ten thousand, and were scattered around Terra, but most ending up coming to Europe, more specifically England. Their population boomed after their arrival and they now number at about one hundred thousand globally. Their population increase was due in part to the fact that they can survive wounds that would kill a Terran and have a much longer life span than Terrans.

The leader of the Cheshireans, Aloysious Worldstrider, when reached for comment about the population boom said “My people aren’t used to seeing each other so often they had to procreate whenever they did, I will tell them to stop.” The implications of this statement show that either they truly did travel through space and time or that their home world is vastly larger than Terra.

Lastly, they have two aspects of culture that they are fascinated with: the first is the fine arts with many of them becoming painters, singers, sculptors or other artists, the other aspect of culture that nearly all Cheshireans love is Science, with those that aren’t obsessed with the arts usually seek a career in science. One final important aspect of their culture is that they are an almost entirely peaceful society and though their weapons are only slightly more advanced than that of Terrans their other technological capacities far exceeds Terran technology.

Cheshirean Fauna

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