Neuro-Physio Engineering

Rumored to be the cutting edge of pre-Coalescence Cheshirean biomedicine, neuro-physio engineering is the art of manipulating organic materials to create electronic computing devices. The Cheshireans claim that before the Coalescence they developed electronic digital computers capable of performing millions of calculations per second and storing the equivalent of libraries worth of information. Like most such Cheshirean claims, Terran engineers dismiss this as pure poppycock.

The Holly Grail of Cheshirean computer scientists was Synthetic Intelligence, or SI. After decades of effort, none of the Cheshirean attempts to create SI capable computers from wires and silicon wafers could ever match the intelligence of a cat, let alone a Cheshirean. That’s when the Cheshireans made the leap: Instead of trying to make computers that worked like natural brains, they’d grow brains that could work like computers. Soon Cheshirean neuro-physio engineers were growing very efficient computers from cellular materials.

Not only did the Cheshireans create bio-computers with SI, neuro-physio engineering brought great leaps forward in organ and limb replacement. Furthermore, by having an advanced understanding of the electro-chemical processes involved in the body’s neurological networks, Cheshireans were able to construct devices that allowed control of a body by remote control.

Unfortunately, no Cheshirean scientist has been able to replicate these feats in the finest laboratories on Terra. In light of this, skeptical Terran observers reject all claims of Cheshirean neuro-physio engineering achievements as absolute balderdash. Yet they do retain a respectful distance from the lab of any Cheshirean who claims to research neuro-physio engineering, just in case.

Neuro-Physio Engineering

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