Special Rules For This Setting

Common Knowledge Rolls

Common Knowledge Rolls in this setting are made at -2. To compensate for this each player depending on their race either eliminates that negative modifier or gains a modifier of positive 2. In addition whenever a player rolls for a common knowledge roll about a race if they are that race they add +4 on their roll (essentially they automatically succeed and roll to see if they raise)

Racial Modifier

These are as follows:

Cheshireans: +2 to stealth once a day, upon “death” the character comes back with -10XP, Pacifist

Striders: One Monster’s edge, -2 to charisma, -4 to charisma around the religious

Ephrex: +2 Steps to any attribute, Outsider Hindrance

If you are playing a Strider or Ehprex explain why you got the edge that you get as it should be because of your character’s physiology (i.e. my character is far larger than a Terran so he gains two strength steps, my characters large head houses an advanced brain so she gains two Intelligence steps.) also the monstrous edges were never really intended for players so some I will make you change (e.g. fast regeneration, you don’t get one free soak roll a turn sorry guys). Essentially just don’t power game and you will be fine.

Guts Checks

I have made the executive decision to use the new system for guts checks which is that spirit replaces guts. Some adventures will require you to use your spirit to avoid rolling on the failed guts check multiple times while other will not require it at all. Simply put this is not really a horror setting so I have decided to remove guts.

Rules for the Wiki

As of now their is only one rule for the wiki and that is as follows: the tags designated for various pages within the wiki will be these: Races, Animals, Factions, Events, Rules, Places, and Leads. If a new type of tag should need to arise though it probably won’t as characters and items are separate from everything else just put a note of it in the article and I will help to organize it where it would belong. While the others are self explanatory leads are news paper stories or street rumors that your detectives may be hired to investigate further.

The Final Rule

This is an investigation based setting so it will be story driven make sure that you know how your characters would act in a certain situation and accurately portray those actions it will be important to everyone’s enjoyment of the game for you to do so.

Special Rules For This Setting

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