Striders are unlike any other race that came to be on Terra in that for many of them this was not the first time that they had visited Terra. Striders have the unique ability to travel between dimensions, which is the reason for their namesake, and in doing so have visited the other races worlds before they were aware of each other. Striders appearance is akin to that of many demonic entities from religious texts and their ability to travel between worlds likely accounts for some of such sightings.

Each Strider has a gift based on their appearance that they frequently utilize throughout their travels. Interestingly enough these gifts that they possess seem to far exceed what normal humans would be capable of. On a more tragic notes their gift often manifest physically leaving them with “demonic” features that are often the source of the reason that they are ostracized by some Terrans, especially those that are religious.

Interestingly enough, no other race seems to have much of an issue with their features. Ephrexans have so broad of physical features themselves that they cannot be bothered by a group of people just because they have an odd appearance. The Cheshireans, on the other hand, believe that everyone should be judged based on their own merits and because of this never make judgement on a Strider until that Strider take enough actions in their presence to warrant a judgement.

On the Striders’ home world they wre a race whose appearance was almost identical to humans until they were plagued with infertility. When their numbers started dwindling they made a pact with fel powers so that they could begin to reproduce. Now many generations later all of their ancestors are marked by the pact that they had made. They are now led by Lilith Hexperin the only female leader of any of the races.

Striders have heavily latched on to human fashions and clothing styles. On their home world clothing that was ornamental was never worn, in fact Strider wore no clothing at all unless marching into battle. If their were about to be a war, a rarity for Striders, they would wear no-nonsense armor. Striders now all wear clothing preferring formal attire no matter what the situation and many also have an interest in designer clothing and high fashion.


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