Terrans, formerly humans, were the first race to inhabit Terra, formerly Earth. After the other races came to exist on Terra it turned out that they all had called the individual planets that they had lived on Earth. In order to avoid confusion Terrans started referring to their home world by one of its other existing but less used names.

Terrans in many different areas did no know how to react when strange beings started showing up and wondering where they were. There were brief skirmishes between the Terran militaries and the Exphrexan and Strider militaries. The period of these fights lasted for a period of about a month after The Grand Coalescence, when many members of each race just appeared on Terra in June 21st 1850 to November 1 1850 when the Cheshireans were able to negotiate a peace between the races.

When all of the races began to learn more about each other they discovered that they had more in common than they originally realized and were actually happy to broker peace between one another. Some conspiracy theorists say that the reason that peace was brokered so quickly is because the pacifistic Cheshireans exert an aura of calming over others, this is generally thrown out of the equation because it is one of the few abilities Cheshireans won’t admit to having.

Striders who had previously had the ability to travel between all of the dimensions discovered that after The Grand Coalescence they had become stranded on Terra. As a result many all of the races learned to enjoy their new home and few still have hope of returning to where they originally lived. As a result of the treaty that was formed between all of the species a new system of government was established in all countries that allowed them to keep sovereignty.

Terrans would get to choose their leader however they originally saw fit in their country, but they were also to rule jointly with each of the other races. When a new law is made if the other three races agree that the law favors one race above all others, the law is vetoed and a new one must be written instead.

Terrans did not take to this kindly at first, but once they realized that all races were cohabiting this planet they became more accepting of each other over time. Their is still some racism among each race, but for the most part they are accepting of one another.

Terrans (in London) are currently under the leadership of Herbert Henry Asquith a up and comer of the Liberal Party who has suggested a law that would allow non-Terran races to serve on the House of Commons AND the House of Lords (albeit with restrictions on the Upper House). This opinion though unpopular with the Conservative Party has earned him great laud from other species and from within his own party.


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