The Coalescent War for Dominance

This “war” was a brief engagement that happened between the militaries of the Terran nations and the Militaries that the Striders and Ephrexans where able to assemble. Even torn from their home the war-like Ephrexans were able to tear down dozens of Terrans with each casualty they sustained while the Striders were able to put up a similar resistance. The bloodshed was stopped when the Cheshireans revealed themselves to be a separate entity from the Terrans and agreed to broker a peace between the two sides.

The peace consisted of an agreement that allowed each country to maintain some of its sovereignty. These countries still ruled independently of each other but in addition to the leadership of their Terran leader, they serve with a representative from each race. The Terrans were reluctant to such an agreement at first but when it was revealed that the Cheshireans could easily infiltrate their government, as Heterochromia does present in humans, they decided to play nicely with the other races.

Though the war was brief, not even lasting a year, the total blood shed numbered in the hundreds of thousands when the races combined their losses. Many Capitals now have statues commemorating not just the Terran lives lost but the lives of all races that died so that it could be known that differences between all races were in reality quite few.

Their has been no war since The Coalescent War for Dominance as the Cheshireans have been quick to go and broker peaceful agreements between various factions preparing for war across the globe. Their are now, however, tensions building between some countries that some say that even the Cheshireans will be unable to prevent erupting into conflict.

The Coalescent War for Dominance

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